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The Bavarian Strollers have travelled the world bringing their unique take on oompah music to anybody that will listen. We specialise in Bier Keller evenings and Oktoberfest parties although we can cater a performance to just about any need; we’ve done everything from strolling round offices while people work to dancing on top of a mountain in silly wigs!

When performing for a Bier Keller night, we can get an entire audience singing, clapping and dancing. We lead a series of Bavarian table dances (they’re VERY different from English table dances) and perform lots of German toasts or ‘Prosits’.  We bring our own PA system, costumes and even provide Bavarian music to play in the breaks. We can also turn up and stroll around a venue playing, which we find works well to start an evening off and introduce the band to the audience.

We also do pub nights where the band play pop music in an oompah style. Its very fun, very new and its called 'OomPop'! We’ve been doing this for a few years and find it goes down a storm. If you want something different for your event or are organising a German themed party then this is for you. Click here to see some videos of us in action. We currently have weekly residencies at both of the Bierschenke bars in London and The Original Bierkeller in Sheffield, Lincoln and Swansea so if you want to see us in action please get in touch.

As a band, we have worked since 1978 and have had some of the country's top professional musicians play with us. We use various line ups of players, the standard being Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone and Tuba but we can add Accordion and Drums to change the sound and atmosphere if you prefer. 

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